Why Your Social Media Strategy Is Falling Flat

social media strategy

Not all strategies are created equal. Are your social media efforts hitting the mark or falling flat and ultimately wasting your time?

Just because you’re posting and sharing, doesn’t guarantee social media success. Here’s why your social media strategy may be falling flat.

No Visual Content

We live in a day and age of scrolling and skimming. If your content doesn’t catch the user’s immediate attention, there’s no incentive for them to stop on your post.

In reality, you probably have a solid 1-2 second (at most!) to garner the attention of a user. Share wisely: photos account for 93% of the most engaging posts, according to Socialbakers.

Lack of Trust

If a user doesn’t know or trust your brand, they’re definitely not going to share or interact with your content

In fact, marketers estimate over half of online users don’t trust brands to “do the right thing.”

So, how can you gain the trust of your users?

  • Treat users as an equal, a friend. Talk conversationally.
  • Give the “inside scoop” or “behind the scenes” info about your brand.
  • Advocate for other brands, whose platform you support.
  • Interact with users by “liking,” sharing and commenting on their content.
  • Stay humble and genuine.
  • Always share top-quality, relevant, VALUABLE content.

Your Posts Are Boring

Plain and simple. If your heart isn’t in it and you have no idea why you’re posting to begin with, it will inevitably translate into the quality of your posts.

Think quality over quantity — if you don’t have anything interesting to say, search for something until you do! Here’s how you can post more interesting content:

  • Get to know your users and their needs — what information void can you fill?
  • Take inspiration from competitor content, then add your own unique twist.
  • Post about current, trending topics. Conduct a simple search using relevant hashtags to your business and see what people are talking about.
  • Rely on pathos to amuse, delight and warm the hearts of your users — information doesn’t always have to be cold and straight to the point.

Your Posts Are Sporadic

Not posting on a regular, consistent basis will result in lower engagement and fewer shares. Establish a plan of action, early on. Decide which days you will post, how often and the ideal posting time.

A good rule of thumb is two posts per day for Facebook, three posts per day for Twitter and three posts per day for Google+.

Anything more can lead to diminishing returns. Applications such as Buffer, Hootsuite and Facebook allow brands to plan and automate posts in advance — you can schedule all your posts for weeks or months in the future!

It can be frustrating to spend time on posts, to ultimately come up empty-handed: no shares, no likes, no comments. We hope you utilize our tips to gain more engagement from your users and make the most of your social media strategy.

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Why Your Social Media Strategy Is Falling Flat
Just because you’re posting and sharing, doesn’t guarantee social media success. Here’s why your social media strategy may be falling flat.

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