This Formula Makes Blog Introductions Simple

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Have you ever struggled to write a blog introduction?


For some reason, writing a blog introduction can be an unexpectedly challenging process. Even when you have a topic in mind, jumping right into things can be quite the feat.


Luckily, introductions don’t have to be long. With a simple formula, you’ll be on your way to writing blog posts more efficiently and effectively.


What is the Purpose of an Introduction?

The introduction should outline what your post will achieve. It should get to the root of your message and explain it in a few short sentences.


The goal is to draw in a reader and prepare them for what is to come in the subsequent paragraphs.


Three Keys to an Introduction

Try outlining your introduction with this in mind:


1. Be attention-grabbing.

The best way to stick in a reader’s mind is to be memorable.


You can tell a funny anecdote, relate to a common problem, offer a thought-provoking statement, or something else that may incite an emotional response.


Depending on the topic of our post, how you grab a reader’s attention will vary. Do you want to inspire, inform, entertain, etc?


2. State your purpose.

What does your post stand to address?


This is the most straightforward part of an introduction, as it’s basically a short summary. Think of your purpose like this:

  • What is the problem?
  • What is your solution?


Take a look at the intro from this post, as an example:

  • The problem: “Writing a blog introduction can be an unexpectedly challenging process.“
  • The solution: ”…a simple formula…”


3. Tell the reader the result they can expect.

Once your intro has identified the problem and solution, you’ll want to give your reader incentive for trusting you. How does your solution help the reader?


In this introduction, the result is: “writing blog posts more efficiently and effectively.”


In other words, by reading this blog post, readers can expect to write introductions more easily and effectively. This sentence is important because it a promise to the reader and also an incentive to keep reading.


A blog introduction can be a make or break situation. Most online readers are “skimmers” and will only read the first few sentences of a post before deciding if it is valuable to them.


Bonus Tips For Great Introduction:

  • Bold important keywords and phrases that tell what the post is about.
  • Break up your text into lines of 1-2 sentences.
  • Lead off with a question, bold statement or statistic.
  • Re-read your intro after writing your post to make sure it’s still accurate.


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Do you have your own blog-writing tips? Let us know if we missed something in the comments below!


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This Formula Makes Blog Introductions Simple
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