Turning Trade Show Leads into Business Opportunities

Turning Trade Show Leads into Business Opportunities

Making the Most of your Trade Exhibition

Partner with a Solution that Just Works.

It’s no secret, trade shows and conferences can be expensive. Are you getting a good ROI? Many exhibitors are dismayed at the inconsistency in getting people to their booth, and closing deals after the conference. Opportunities that initially appeared promising to close, suddenly disappear. However, there are some instances where the opportunities aren’t gone, they’re simply delayed by weeks or months. This means there’s still opportunity, but it needs a little more nurturing.

ContentFirst.Marketing has mastered the science of getting attendees to visit your booth. Additionally, we know how to connect with your attendees after the conference, and to nurture them effectively until they are ready to buy from you . . . and not your competitor.

Making the Most of Your Event

Pre-Conference Services

In the few hours that you are staffing a booth, it’s important to drive a good volume of qualified prospects to your exhibit. Because you have a limited time with each prospect, you want to do what you can to maximize the effectiveness of your booth time and results. We can help.

Services include:

  • Advise you on booth layout & design, messaging, salesperson outreach, effective conference sponsorships, and more
  • Before the conference, communicate with your target audience via proven nurture campaignsemail & social media

With more prospects ready and eager to visit your booth, you have an almost unfair advantage among the other exhibitors. This gives you more opportunity to make the very best impression and generate sales.

Does This Sound Familiar?


In our nearly 20 years of providing marketing services to Learning / HR organizations,
we’ve heard a consistent refrain from exhibitors at trade shows like these:

“In our trade show follow-up to these opportunities, we feel like we are talking to a different person than the one we met at the conference. The opportunities which seemed so strong, all of a sudden were not as urgent or important by the prospect. And we have no idea what happened.”

Post-Conference Services

So, you successfully managed to get some leads. Possibly 100, 200 or even more. However, only 5-10 leads appear to have the best chance of closing a deal. This is great but you still have several problems to overcome:

  • You may struggle with making the initial contact
  • With our busy work schedules, there isn’t enough time in the day to promptly follow-up with all the opportunities – You know you are missing sales, purely because you haven’t effectively followed up
  • When you do reach the prospects, you learn their decision has been delayed… frequently for months

We can help you establish a trade show & conference nurture program that regularly communicates with your prospect audience. Many of your prospects will eventually become possible buyers, but when decision time comes, will they remember you, or simply choose a competitor instead?

Let us help you close more deals with communication that includes relevant and engaging content your prospects find interesting, while keeping you top-of-mind when the moment of opportunity comes to make a sale.

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