Types of Online Marketing to Help Your Business Grow

Types of Online Marketing to Help Your Business Grow
May 26, 2021

Online (digital) marketing involves advertising products and services using digital strategies in a web-based channel. This includes radio advertising, tv, social media, mobile applications, email, web applications, search engines, websites, or any new digital channel.

Online marketing is a way for marketers to connect with people and promote their products and services. In order to excel at online marketing, you need to use strategies and methods that will allow you to establish credibility, reach the most people, and convert prospects into customers.

There are several types of online marketing strategies and approaches that can help you reach more people and grow faster. Read on to learn more.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This strategy utilizes the powerful tool that search engines are. Optimizing your website and other online properties for search engines allows your content to be indexed with the proper keywords. This then ranks your content in search engines when used correctly, allowing it to become more accessible to your audience.

Good SEO is fundamental to digital marketing as search engines cover the most digital real estate. Hence, ranking well on the search engines will more likely increase your website traffic and clicks from prospective customers.

Tip: Research and identity popular keywords that people search for and start inputting those into keyword tools like Google’s own keyword tool or WordStream.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The internet is a highly competitive marketplace with millions of businesses out there.  Search engine marketing is a paid search for your business through ads that appear in search engine results.

As businesses compete in ranking high in Google and other search engines, SEM allows companies to bid for an ad space when specific keywords are searched via search engines. There is a higher chance of a prospect who is ready to buy to click on your ad when they are searching for a product or service that you provide.

SEM allows you to gain an advantage over the competition without waiting for your SEO efforts to take effect.

Tip: Create a high content ad to help you with broad market  keywords that will help you stand out from the crowd. Ensure you choose the right search engine and appropriate location for your targeted audience.


Email Marketing 

Email marketing has been around longer and is one of the most effective online marketing strategies.

Your email list is your greatest asset because you own your list, hence there is no risk of losing your leads. 90% of consumers check their email regularly, and thus email marketing gives you a direct line to current, past, and prospective customers. It is the number one communication channel to engage with your audience.

You can easily start email marketing today by growing your email list with your target audience and potential future customers. Find a good email service provider to integrate your emails with other marketing tools and automate your emails.


Social Media Marketing

Chances are your customers are on  social media platforms and are connecting with their favorite brands and businesses. Because so many people are spending their time online, social media marketing is increasingly becoming a popular marketing tool.

This type of online marketing uses social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter to attain marketing and branding goals. One benefit of these platforms is that they have helped businesses nurture relationships, build communities online, and encourages feedback sharing.

Tip: Build a social media plan with valuable content that aligns with your business goals and the interest of your audience. With a clear content plan, follow trends, use hashtags and understand the algorithm so you can increase your chances of discovery.


Content Marketing

At the core of content marketing is creating, publishing, and distributing valuable and relevant content online to drive traffic and retain customers. In order to do so, you have to strategically design your content in a way that will attract and convert prospects into buying customers.

When you look closely, you will see that the foundation of marketing and its strategies lies in creating high-quality content. This is not a one-off strategy rather a long-term strategy that shows your audience that you care about their issues.

Tip: When planning content marketing, the content should focus on your key business function. And how the customers’ needs will be met with your solutions. Do not hesitate to invest in your content asset.


Affiliate Marketing

This is an online referral marketing where a business will set up a program that lets other people and external websites promote their product and services. You get paid a commission for the traffic or sales You generate. This usually involves three parties: the affiliate, the customer, and the product creator, which is the business/company.

The affiliate works by spreading the marketing roles across both parties and sharing the revenue obtained.

  • The product creator: they do not have to market the product. Their primary role is to create the product to sell and promote it to their audience, including affiliates.
  • The affiliate: they are individuals (influencers) or companies who promote the products by the seller for potential customers to buy. They end up getting their commission for each converted sales.
  • The customer: they make the affiliate program work. When the customers buy, they may or may not be aware of the affiliate program behind their purchase.


Paid Advertising

Paid advertising, also known as pay per click (PPC), is a type of online marketing where advertisers pay to show their adverts on online platforms. This includes social media and search engine results.

Instead of paying a flat predetermined fee in advance, you will be charged every time a user clicks on your ad. For your ad to be shown to users searching for a keyword used in your advertisement, you must bid the maximum amount and have a quality score ad. This will help guarantee more clicks for your ads.


We Can Help with All Types of types of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the way to go. And as a digital marketing agency, we are committed to helping your business grow with persuasive digital marketing strategies.

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