7 Leadership Lessons from Ted Lasso

Is there any TV show that inspires you to be a better leader?

If you’re looking for a great TV comedy with encouraging life lessons, don’t miss out on today’s video.

Join John Arnott, business owner, and digital marketing expert, on this insightful video on 7 leadership lessons from Ted Lasso, the Apple+ TV show.

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In this video, John Arnott shows us that a good leader doesn’t necessarily need to be extraordinarily skillful. Or at least, that’s what we learn from one of the best TV shows from 2020, Ted Lasso.

For those unfamiliar with the show, the title character of Ted Lasso is an American football coach with zero knowledge of European football – or soccer, hired to coach a British team. He must rely on his leadership rather than technical skills to bring his team together as they fight to avoid relegation to a junior league. 

From this scenario, every episode is a pleasant surprise on how to lead wisely and successfully, bringing simple and inspiring quotes, such as “I believe in believe”, or “smells like potential”, to inspire others to have an empathic and positive approach to life.

To inspire you to watch the show, John gathers in this video 7 main leadership lessons from Ted Lasso that could be applied to basically any industry. Watch it to the end to learn them all. And if you got curious about the TV show, Apple+ is currently streaming season 2.

How about you? Do you have any recommendations on TV shows, movies, or books that teach precious leadership lessons? And if you watched Ted Lasso, would you like to add an extra insight on this? We’d love to hear your opinion. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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