Be Open & Build on your Strengths

How open are you to accepting different opinions and perspectives?

How do you picture yourself? Can you recognize your strengths, or do you tend to focus on your shortcomings?

Join John Arnott, business owner, and digital marketing expert, in this insightful video on how to be an open person, highlight your main qualities and improve your relationships and your life.

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In this video, John Arnott makes an interesting reflection on why some of us tend to be more reactive than others, and how this can be an obstacle to relationships. Being open to other people’s thoughts is a better option for a happier life.

But how to achieve that?

Our personality traits play an important role in that, and that’s why some companies, including John’s ContentFirst.Marketing, use tools to identify behaviors, like the Predictive Index, that you can learn about in this video:

But regardless of the personality type, John suggests some simple, yet very useful tips that can be practiced by anyone, to help avoid immediate defensive reactions.

The first one is to consider taking meditation into your everyday life. You can learn more about what John has to say about that on this video:

The second one is the 5-second rule, in which he suggests a pause of 5 seconds before reacting when you’re confronted with something. There’s more about that right here:

And the last one is an exercise of envisioning yourself observing your own behavior. That will bring awareness to your response and will help you recognize if you’re overreacting.

Awareness will also help you recognize and develop your existing qualities, other than focusing on shortcomings as many people do. Developing your strengths will, most likely, eclipse your shortcomings or remove them automatically.

Combining openness to others, awareness, self-knowledge, and the development of one’s own qualities is a great recipe for a wonderful life.

Do you agree with that? Do you have any thoughts or suggestions on this topic? We’re open and happy to hear them. Please drop us a note in the comments below.


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