Letting Go

How can you let go of negative interactions, comments, and distractions to become more balanced and productive? Learn more in this video on learning to react positively to live a better life.

Join John Arnott, business owner, and digital marketing expert, to learn about how to manage your reactivity and let go of negative emotions. Learn more about John at


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We have all experienced moments like this – someone makes a comment that stings or irritates you.

Those negative emotions that come up afterward are natural and inevitable. But reacting in a thoughtless or negative way can cause issues beyond the initial response takes away from your energy and makes you feel bad.

So how can you manage emotions in a positive way?

Using proven meditation techniques (like putting your stresses in the “worry box” to minimize distractions) can help you manage your reaction to stresses and issues.

And taking time for yourself to connect with yourself for introspection helps too.

With the right techniques, you can stay balanced even during times of stress or personal conflict. That means you can focus on what really matters.

Managing your energy and learning to let go of negative thoughts will benefit your life.

You’ll have more focus, more energy, and fewer distractions.

Productivity is all about managing your energy. Learn how to increase your productivity and let go of distractions in this video.


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