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Call tracking is a powerful tool to measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaign. Learn all about what call tracking is and how it can help you track leads and build your business.

Join John Arnott, business owner and digital marketing expert, to learn about how to use call tracking to drive your digital marketing results. Learn more about John at


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Call tracking has come a long way from its early stages – manually tracking calls from a basic website form. But those days are long gone.

Now, call tracking is sophisticated – and it’s an essential part of your digital marketing strategy.

Why is tracking your calls so important? Because you need to know where your leads are coming from. Is your Google Ads campaign working for you, or is it the free traffic from your SEO efforts that’s bringing in the prospects and leads?

You need to know so you can allocate your marketing budget accordingly.

That’s where call tracking comes in. Call tracking software allows your business to track the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns.

In this video (part of our digital marketing tutorial and technology series), we’ll cover:

The basics of call tracking

How to set up and use call tracking software

How to integrate your call tracking technology with your other digital marketing software

Knowledge is power – and in online marketing, knowledge also gets you real results.

Learn all about lead tracking in the video and get started growing your business.


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