Productivity Hack #1: Rewarding Yourself

We all want to be more productive in our work – here’s how to reward yourself and get the energy spike you need when you need it. Find out in this video and get the details on the first productivity hack we’re sharing in this series   

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Our busy world demands a lot of our attention all the time. The news is always available with a tap on our devices, which hold plenty of other distractions too.  

But we want to spend our time productively – whether we’re getting our work done or spending time on things we enjoy.  

That’s why this video will cover how to be productive and stay engaged. It’s the first in our ongoing productivity series – how to stay focused and on task in your everyday life.  

The first tip we’re sharing to increase your productivity? Rewarding yourself for accomplishments the right way.  

Dopamine is the chemical messenger that hits our brains with a sense of reward. It’s released whenever we accomplish something big – or check our social media accounts, or eat a big sugary treat.  

Managing dopamine levels can let you reward yourself the right way, and feel a hit of joy when you’ve accomplished a work task or a tough workout.  

Our first productivity hack is how to manage your dopamine levels to increase your focus and feel great when you get work done well.  

Watch the video to learn more and get productive today.  


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