Proposals Made Easy

Do you have a specific method to write down effective proposals for your clients?

How do you optimize time without compromising the content when writing proposals?

Join John Arnott, business owner, and digital marketing expert, in this tutorial on a productive way of writing consistent proposals, using the right software.

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One of the most common ways some businesses adopt to create proposals is through standard templates made specifically for them.

But not only those templates may be outdated, but some information may be lost on the way, with all the editions made to each new document. Not to mention the risk of using a former proposal to a new client and, accidentally forgetting to change a name or a date.

If you relate to this situation, this tutorial is just what you need to learn how to optimize time, while creating customized and standardized proposals, using the right tool. Just follow John’s steps on how he uses Proposify to reach out to his clients at Content First Marketing. 

There are many advantages in using such a tool, over a simple word or PDF document for creating proposals. Using the example of Proposify, one of the most useful features is the integration with the CRM, which allows to easily pull a client’s information from the system, or the other way around, to add a new client’s information into the CRM. Another great feature is the built-in signatures, allowing clients to digitally sign directly in the proposals.

The key for successfully using this kind of software is doing the right setup of the structure, thinking about the sections and the templates for the content of your proposals.

In this video, John shows how to get the best out of proposal tools, by breaking down some features available and showing how to do simple things that will make a big difference, such as structuring the template as a series of customized sections put together, using standardized content, or having a proposal as an order page.

If you want to master the creation of consistent proposals, conveying your company’s plan and service lines to the client, don’t miss this tutorial on creating them in Proposify. John methodically demonstrates in this video, the main steps and features of Proposify’s pipeline system to write down, track down interactions, create opportunities, store, edit, and share proposals with your clients.

And if you have a different way of creating proposals, any questions about the tutorial, or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you. Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


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