Setting a Digital Marketing Budget

Figuring out how much you should be spending on digital marketing can be easy – with the right tools. How much should you spend on your website, your ads, and your leads? Find out about how to set a smart digital marketing budget in this video.

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To truly build and grow your business, you need to invest in your marketing.

But how much should you really be spending on marketing, especially digital marketing?

You need to have a smart digital marketing budget plan for your business. That means setting a budget for the three elements of digital marketing: presence, leads, and nurture.

Don’t just take a guess or start spending money without a plan – that’s a waste of your marketing resources. You’ll be throwing money away without seeing real growth in your business.

Instead, use a marketing budgeting tool to help you figure out how best to allocate your marketing budget. It’s free – just go to the ContentFirst.Marketing website to find it.

It will take you through how much you should be spending on your website and reputation management (presence), generating leads for your business (leads), and keeping prospects engaged until they become customers (nurture).

The marketing budget for every business will be different – it depends on your size, whether your customers are B2B or B2C, and more. Watch this video to learn about how to calculate what you should be spending on each piece of your marketing plan.

Check out the free marketing budget tool here:

Do you have another way you calculate the marketing budget for your small business? Drop a note in the comments.


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