Why You Should Be Creating an Omni-Channel Experience for Your Consumers

Why You Should Be Creating an Omni-Channel Experience for Your Consumers

When you think back to your favorite brands 10, 15 or 20 years ago, you basically had one, maybe two avenues of connecting with them, and it usually meant just in-person.


Nowadays, it doesn’t matter if you’re a small business (like us!) or a big name brand like Apple, connection is abundant and takes shape in a plethora of different forms.


Take a look around you. Can you count how many internet-connected devices you have within eyesight? I’d venture to say at least three, if not more!


As technology has advanced, and our means of connection and communication have widened, brands are pursuing what we call “omni-channel” marketing. That is, a holistic approach to marketing where consumers get the same experience from their favorite brands regardless of how or where.


Omni-channel marketing offers several surprising benefits that small business owners, like yourself, can adapt to your own marketing scheme.



So, What is Omni-Channel Marketing Anyway?


Think of it like this: in the past, retailers were restricted to marketing through just a few basic platforms, such as their physical storefront, newspaper ads and a paper catalog. Marketing efforts were pretty much a one-way street.


Today, retailers have the ability to engage with their consumers via two-way channels, which can include a website, blog, mobile app, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, newsletter and email marketing.


Retailers who embrace all of these channels in their marketing efforts will reach a larger audience, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of omni-channel marketing.



Benefits of Omni-Channel Marketing


Seamless Consumer Experience

Consumers may start out in one channel and then migrate to another, and they want to be able to do this seamlessly.


For example, they might start out on social media, and then easily migrate to your website to make a purchase.

Take it a step further. They also want to be able to access across multiple devices. First, they would add something to a shopping cart on a mobile app. And then they could make the purchase from their laptop — without having to start over. This is just one example.



Enhanced Brand Recognition

The more times prospects and customers “touch” your brand, the better. Rather than focusing your marketing efforts on a single platform, you can expand to multiple platforms to reach more people.


Facebook, for instance, has a monthly user base of 1.3 billion users, making it the world’s largest and most popular social media network. But including Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram into your marketing efforts will allow you to reach far more consumers.



Build Authority

Ask yourself, if you had to choose between two different companies: one with a strong presence across multiple channels and another with only a website, which would you choose?


Most consumers will choose the company that’s active across multiple channels, simply because it instills a sense of authority.




Remember the adage, “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket?”


Well, it holds true for marketing and advertising. If your primary advertising platform or channel appeals to only one segment of your target audience, you’re missing opportunities to reach the others.


Consumers choose when, where and how they want to receive content. To reach them, you must provide content in a variety of ways. Some people prefer Facebook, others like reading blogs, and some prefer a mobile app and so on.


Increase Sales and Conversions

We can’t talk about the benefits of omni-channel marketing without mentioning its positive impact on sales and conversions.


Promoting your products or services to a larger audience will naturally yield more sales and/or conversions. So regardless of what your business sells or offers, omni-channel marketing can help you achieve your goals.




Want to create an omni-channel experience for your consumer base? We can help!

Schedule a call with us here to see how we can help your business grow.


As a consumer, which channels do you most enjoy interacting with? Let us know in the comments below.


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Why You Should Be Creating an Omni-Channel Experience for Your Consumers
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