Your Branding Pitch

Branding Pitch

Whenever you meet a new prospect or partner, it’s important to be able to communicate the gist of your brand in a few short sentences.

Your branding pitch is a concise definition of your brand that will tell someone exactly what you do. Think, 30 seconds or less!

The ultimate key of your pitch is answering the question: what exactly does your brand do? To answer that question, consider the following points.



The essence of a pitch is to be clear and concise. The simpler you can describe your brand’s mission, the more people you’ll reach.

If you overload your pitch, you’ll distract from your core message. Start by stating what you do, first. Speak to your product or service and avoid overly technical jargon that may alienate those who are unfamiliar with your business model.

Consider common questions someone may ask about your brand, then use your pitch to answer them.



If your brand were a person, who would that person be? A leader? A coach? A consultant? An expert?

Identify your brand’s personality and use your pitch as an opportunity to describe it. Another consideration is the tone of your branding.

Are you more professional and technical, or casual and relatable? Do you want to inspire and motivate, or inform and persuade? Your pitch will be the first indication to your audience of what your brand is all about. Words matter, so choose them carefully and be intentional.

Authenticity in your tone will inform how others should perceive your brand; just be sure to keep a consistent tone throughout your branding scheme.



What makes your brand memorable? Are you solving a common problem with a unique solution? Do you offer a product or service, found nowhere else on the market?

What differentiates your brand from competitors? State what makes your brand original and unique, even if that means putting it in the most straight-forward terms.

Specificity is always better than being too vague or broad. If you want to get noticed and be remembered, be specific about what makes your brand unique.



Once you’ve nailed down your pitch, keep it consistent across all your branding materials.

That includes word choice, tone, personality and ensuring your whole team is prepared to repeat your pitch verbatim.

Variance in your pitch can confuse what your brand does and what you’re all about. Your team should know your brand inside and out, and all be on board with a shared vision.

Consider potential follow up questions your audience may have. For each question, formulate an answer that follows the same guidelines as your pitch, then train your team accordingly.

Your audience will not only appreciate your preparedness but also learn more about your brand by asking questions and getting consistent answers.


Get Started!

Your branding pitch is the first impression others will have of your brand. Put your best foot forward and get started!

A few final thoughts:

  • Don’t feel like you need to include everything in your pitch.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of someone who knows nothing about your brand.
  • Be memorable and true to your brand’s vision!

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Your Branding Pitch
The ultimate key of your pitch is answering the question: what exactly does your brand do? Here’s how to get started.

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