5 Ways to Create Effective Video Content for Marketing

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Creating video content for your business is more important than ever, as video-based sites, channels, and social media platforms are becoming the dominant way internet users acquire information.  

YouTube is the second most visited website in the world (and is only behind its parent company, Google). According to recent statistics, 7 out of 10 YouTube viewers purchased something from a brand they initially saw in a YouTube video. Combine this with the rapid rise of video-based social media platforms like TikTok and the fact that YouTube now reaches more 18-49 year olds than any other channel or broadcast network, and the importance of video content marketing becomes crystal clear. 

However, before small business owners, marketers, and content creators can grab a cell phone and start recording, they need to develop a valid and successful video content marketing strategy. 

The success of your video marketing strategy is dependent on how you aim to drive engagement and conversation. Furthermore, there are five key factors that go into making your video content marketing resonate with viewers and result in new business. 

1. Know Your Target Audience

For any marketing strategy to be successful, it must cater to its target audience’s interests, values, and needs. This is true for digital marketing, including video content. A well-planned digital marketing strategy can significantly impact the success of video marketing efforts. You likely have a solid idea of your target audience and their pain points, preferences, and general buying behaviors. Therefore, it’s essential to put this data to use in your video content marketing strategy. 

 If you need initial assistance with how your videos should look and feel with this target audience in mind, examine your direct competitors and their videos. Pay close attention to the videos that increased in viewers that were buried at the bottom of social media feeds and video platforms like YouTube. This can help you determine what is effective in reaching your target audience.  

Partnering with an expert like ContentFirst Marketing is the best way to garner this information to drive all aspects of your video content marketing strategy.  Our marketing experts can guide the way with reliable and concrete data that will shape the steps ahead.    

2. Tell a Compelling Story

Think about the videos from brands, organizations, or companies you find interesting. Chances are that they weren’t just a list of product features or attributes recited by a lone individual into a camera – instead, they grabbed your attention. They told a story to hold your attention until the last second of the video. 

Telling a story is essential for video marketing.  The key is to weave entertainment, useful information, and marketing into a single piece of visual content. A good way to start is by focusing on your target audience’s pain points or needs. Think about how your product or services can address these common problems or desires and create a story that spells out the process and the solution. 

3. Create a Video that is Short, Concise, and Engaging

Most videos on social media and websites (especially when it comes to marketing videos) need to be easily consumable and should average around one minute and 45 seconds. The time required may be even less for short announcements or updates, such as sharing details about an upcoming promotion or special event related to your organization.  

The most important thing is to make every one of those sparse seconds count. Make sure you grab your audience’s attention from the start and that your message is clear and concise.  You don’t have much time to make a great first impression. 

4. Use Eye-catching Visuals

As stated, a lone speaker or a single setting won’t hold a viewer’s attention for very long. Therefore, it’s important to ensure all the videos are within your video content marketing from start to finish. 

There are several ways to do this without spending time, money, and resources on multiple sets and fancy production additions. Whenever possible, it is advisable to use high-quality and visually appealing footage. You can purchase such footage from stock video and image sites, which is cost-effective.  

Additionally, incorporating animation and graphics can enhance the level of action in your content. As stated, an exceptional marketing partner can help assist with these imperative details to ensure that your videos aren’t just a white noise in a world of content. 

5. Optimize for Different Platforms and Devices

Keep in mind that not every viewer will be accessing and watching your videos in the exact same way. Many viewers first tune in on their mobile phones, while others may use a desktop monitor or even a TV to view web content. 

In addition, the different platforms and social media channels you utilize all have different inherent audiences. The videos you post on TikTok may be different than the ones you post on your professional website. It is important to consider these varying demographics when determining which videos to post where. 

It’s also essential to properly edit your videos to optimize the formats and lengths. You want to ensure your videos are compatible with all devices and internet connections so they can be easily digested. If your audience can’t load your video, they’ll never receive your marketing message. 

Create a Video Content Marketing Strategy that Works with ContentFirst Marketing  

Video content marketing is an ever-evolving form that requires a backbone of expertise to be effective. In order to develop a successful video marketing campaign, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research to determine what will appeal to your target audience. Furthermore, paying attention to formatting and including SEO-friendly tags can give you an advantage over your competitors. A helpful resource can provide the necessary boost to make your efforts even more effective. 

This is where ContentFirst Marketing can help.  

At ContentFirst Marketing, we can handle all aspects of a comprehensive marketing strategy – including video marketing – to give you the data, tools, and resources you need for a definitive and measurable ROI. 

Let’s start crafting a video marketing strategy that will launch your business to a new level of user engagement. With ContentFirst Marketing as your guide, you can create powerful videos that result in customer retention, action, and growth.  

Contact us today. 


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