How to Create an SEO Strategy for Business Growth

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SEO (search engine optimization) is a term that is so commonplace in marketing that it almost becomes white noise. Companies of all sizes certainly understand the fundamentals of SEO. However, few businesses (and especially smaller enterprises) have an effective SEO content strategy in place or have a concrete understanding of how to do search engine optimization from the ground up. 

Ignoring SEO or taking a haphazard approach to SEO can be detrimental to a business’s visibility and growth. The first page of Google captures as many as 92% of all search traffic clicks, with results on the second page acquiring 6% of website clicks at most. In addition, even if a business enhances its search engine page rankings with paid ads and links, it is much more important to show up at the top in organic search results. Only 15% of Google users  click on an advertisement or try a different search to get the results they are looking for. The remaining 85% of users click on the top of the organic search results list. 

Knowing how to improve SEO rankings on Google entails much more than ensuring a suite of keywords is sprinkled throughout your website. Instead, it takes a comprehensive SEO strategy designed for business growth. Additionally, this begins with a foundational understanding of how the world at large finds businesses like yours. 

The First Step is to Research an Effective Keyword Strategy  

An SEO content strategy begins with extensive research, which is best performed by an expert in SEO services for small businesses. Even so, there are a few initial steps – and free online tools – that companies can embrace to start the initial research required to formulate a comprehensive SEO plan. 

Take Stock of Your Current Position and Current Website 

The first step is to do a strategic review of your current website, from your domain name and headlines to the number of pages within your site and the content within each page.  

Let’s discover the key indications that suggest your business may need SEO modification to enhance its performance.  

  • You don’t have taglines, descriptions, page titles, alternative image and video text, and other behind-the-scenes features. These elements of every page on your website organically boost your SEO and are instrumental in helping Google find your business. 
  • Your content is duplicated. Duplicate content can be detrimental to a Google search and hurt your search engine rankings. 
  • You don’t have much content. When it comes to SEO, generally speaking, the more content within your site, the better. However, there are some large caveats to this rule of thumb that your search engine marketing services provider can navigate.   
  • You don’t have high quality content. High quality content is one of the most important driving forces behind showing up at the top of search engine rankings, so ensure that all the content within your website is authoritative, unique, and offers insight to your end users.  
  • You have too many keywords. It sounds counter-productive. However, having too many keywords plugged into your content and making your content sound contrived and robotic can also have a negative impact on your Google search results. 
  • You don’t have links. Linking to outside or internal websites and pages is a great way to boost your SEO organically.  
  • You haven’t updated your website or content in a long time. Your content should be constantly evolving to stay on Google’s radar. If your website and content are months or even years old, with no recent additions, you may be ignored by the search engines.  

Discover How Internet Users Find Your Business 

There are several free Google tools that can tell you exactly where your website visitors come from and how they discovered your business. Google Analytics is free and a great starting point to get some key information on your audience, demographics, and the exact phrases and searches that connect internet users to your website.  

Examine All Aspects of Your Google Presence 

You may have a website with optimized keywords, but do you also have a Google Business Profile? What about your Google reviews and your presence on Google Maps? Google is miles more than a simple search engine, and taking advantage of all the ways you stay on Google’s radar is essential. Again, your SEO services provider can fill in the blanks and ensure your business has as much exposure as possible on Google and beyond. 

Create, Implement, and Monitor an SEO Plan Based on Extensive Research 

Research is arguably the most important aspect of crafting an SEO strategy. However, implementing the plan and measuring the results propels your website to the top of the search results. Once you have the relevant keywords and phrases that attract attention, it’s time to optimize your website from the ground up. 

You can begin by addressing the content and back-end elements like page titles and descriptions while maintaining a balance between incorporating your keywords and creating relevant and readable content. An expert in content creation and marketing is your best resource to walk this delicate line and optimize every word throughout your website. 

 Bring Your Business to the Top with an Effective SEO Strategy  

Small business owners don’t have the time or skills to conduct extensive research, writing, and website optimization to ensure their website is constantly visible in the search results and the public’s eye. Optimizing SEO is not a one-time venture and requires continual monitoring, adjusting, and the addition of new content for a website to perpetually increase its traffic. 

This is why you need an edge in the form of an expert partner when it comes to creating an SEO content strategy. 

A resource dedicated to SEO services for small businesses can handle everything from an initial website review to blog creation. This expertise will reinforce your business’s reputation as an authority in your field.  

When it comes to SEO, there is no time to waste. Reach out to the team at C1M today to start a conversation about your business and your ambitions for growth. We’ll work together to ensure that online searches are one of your most powerful tools for driving new business. 

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