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How to become a successful boss, whether you’re a leader in your organization or an individual contributor right now. Deciding how to tap into your leadership skills requires several steps – the first is determining if you currently have the drive and capacity to lead.

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So you want to be the boss – but how do you get there?

Well, the process of becoming a boss – and a really good one at that – begins by determining if you can do the job well.

Do you get it? Do you really want to do it? Do you have the capacity for it?

Asking these questions is the essential first step to becoming a great leader. That’s because leadership takes a lot of time, energy and motivation – you need to make sure you have all the pieces in place before you make moves to manage people.

Author Gino Wickman wrote a book called “How to Be a Great Boss”, which has lots of great information about becoming the best leader you can be – stay tuned for our multi-part series on all aspects of leadership.

Want to grow into being the successful, effective leader you know you can be? The secret to success is all in this video. Watch to learn more, and grab the activity worksheets here:

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