LinkedIn – Connect, Nurture, Engage

We all know LinkedIn is a great tool for business, but where to start?  

Have you been using LinkedIn to its fullest potential to improve and grow your networking? 


Join John Arnott, business owner, and digital marketing expert, and learn how to connectnurture and engage valuable connections on LinkedIn. 


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In a previous video that you can check right here ( , we spoke about how to network and connect with people effectively on LinkedIn. 

In today’s tutorial, John Arnott takes this conversation to the next level by bringing real-world example on how to successfully use LinkedIn tools to connectnurture and engage the right contacts to reach your professional goals.  

To connect meaningfully on LinkedIn, the first thing to do is to define who you’re targeting. And you can easily do that, by properly using the search filters to create different group lists based on their job titles, industries, and affinity network.  

After segmenting your target connection, John shows us what you should and shouldn’t write on your connection request to get to the next stage, keeping in mind they should be personalized and sincere. 

To nurture a connection and reach the goal of engagement, you should be ready to add value by offering content or asking for advice. 

Once the connection has been accepted and the conversation occurs, you can propose a meeting or a phone call to engage your connection. 

If you have been following these steps but can’t get engagement, then you might just want to try other nurture strategies to re-establish engagement.  

Another effective way of doing this is through automated emails. You can learn all about them in this video: 

Is there any other tool you’ve been using to get better connections through LinkedIn? I would love to hear from you! Drop a note in the comments and let me know. 




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