Small Business Technology – Part 2, Operations

Systems for small businesses, like these 9 technology must-haves, to help you grow your business. In this video, you’ll learn about the best technology tools we use in our business at ContentFirst.Marketing.

Join John Arnott, business owner and digital marketing expert, to learn about how to use small business systems to make your business more effective and efficient. Learn more about John at


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As an entrepreneur, you’re building a business. It’s hard – there’s so much to know. It’s easy to overlook your business systems when you’re in growth mode and busy with your mind on everything else you need to do.

But your business systems are vital to your company’s success. This is the business technology that helps drive your business, creates and puts everything together, gets everyone and everything in alignment, and keeps it all moving along together smoothly.

Business systems can cover the three main areas of your business – marketing and sales, finance and administration, and operations.

The 9 business systems we recommend are all small business technology saviors: your CRM, marketing automation, proposals and quotes software to manage your marketing and sales, to start.

Then we get into our recommendations for your project management tools, marketing automation tools, and the industry-specific technology you need.

Finally, we’ll talk finance and administration systems – financial tools for small businesses, contract software, HR and payroll management systems, communication and collaboration tools, integration systems, and reporting and analytics tools.

These systems are your small business must-haves: you need them to run your business effectively and efficiently.

Do you disagree with my views on any of these systems and tools? I’d love to hear your views. Drop a note in the comments and let me know.


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