The 5 Second Rule – Solve your problems, meet your goals, and stop procrastinating

Find a simple solution to overcoming doubt and hesitation. It’s the 5 Second Rule – and it works. Become more decisive, more productive, and build the life you’ve dreamed about. Learn why you need the 5 Second Rule and how it works in this video.

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Is your mind getting in the way of your ideal life?

Your mind spends most of its time during the day asleep, or on autopilot. And that can keep us from achieving everything we want to do in a day, in a week, or in our lifetimes.

Overcoming self-doubt and hesitation, to get out of our comfort zone, is critical to living a full, happy, successful life. But our minds get in the way.

We pause – we doubt – we talk ourselves out of taking a risk, whether it’s talking to someone new at a networking event or waking up early to get a jump on the day.

The secret to overcoming this natural tendency to avoid risks by avoiding action?

It’s the 5 Second Rule.

Solve your problems, meet your goals, and stop procrastinating with this simple but highly effective life hack.

(And no, the 5 Second Rule doesn’t have to do with the hot dog your kid just dropped on the floor!)

Break the cycle with this one rule and see what happens – what will you accomplish once you’re no longer putting the little things off until later?

Wake up your brain and change your life. Learn all about it in this video and break the habit of hesitation today.

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