The Marketing Checklist #3 – Automated Emails

Getting your leads to your website is a great first step.

But how do you get those leads to become sales?

You need to talk directly to your leads – keeping your brand in front of them, taking them on a journey to learn about your product and how it will benefit them.

Email is a personalized and powerful way to take your leads on this journey to yes.

It’s not just enough to get them engaged – you can also see what topics interest them most, if you target the emails in the right way.

There’s an art to the sequence of emails – how to get your lead’s attention, how to offer them value and send them offers and overcome objections.

In this video, you’ll learn exactly how to take your leads from interest all the way to a sale with the power of email automation.

Email automation is the most powerful step of your digital marketing strategy. Make sure you’ve got the knowledge you need to do it right and watch your business grow and thrive.