The Partner’s Partner Podcast Interview

The Partner’s Parter Podcast with Peter Daly Dixon

In today’s episode, I sat down with John Arnott whose positivity is contagious. John has been an Infusionsoft Certified Partner since April of 2015. He is also a brilliant entrepreneur who’s built and sold several businesses, and is currently growing Content First Marketing.

Content First Marketing helps small businesses grow through great writing and strong analytical foundations. Passionate about helping small businesses grow, he looks forward to growing the organisation to at least a thousand clients in the near future.

Apart from sharing his entrepreneurial journey, John also talked about his Mount Kilimanjaro adventure, his lovely family, and the amazing things faith, belief, and the right mindset can bring about. He also shared the book he turns to to lift him up (whenever things don’t go his way) for good measure!

John’s vulnerability, candor, and positivity made this conversation a real pleasure so don’t miss it!
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