Virtual Teams – Building a productive remote organization

More and more people and organizations are moving to fully remote work.

In the current Coronavirus crisis, working remotely is often a required option, even for those who usually work in an office.

How can you create a successful remote organization? And how can you work remotely in the most productive and effective way?

You’ll need two essential elements: the right tools, and the right culture.

The tools to help your organization thrive remotely – just for the short-term, or as a permanent solution – might already exist in your toolbox. Collaborative tools like Office365, especially Teams, or programs like Slack facilitate communication, while task-based programs like Asana keep everyone on the same page.

But tools aren’t enough – you also need a create a remote working culture that supports your teams and your business goals. With some creativity, gratitude, and flexibility, your team can thrive working remotely just like they do in the office.