Why Healthcare Marketing Should Include Custom Websites

healthcare custom websites
November 6, 2019

In the past, healthcare and medical websites featured nothing more than an About Us page. But today’s leading medical providers have caught up with the digital trend in healthcare marketing. They have realized that healthcare custom websites are a first step to success.

When marketing your practice, you need not use the common template and have a website that resembles all the rest. Marketing is all about identifying your niche, highlighting what makes you stand out, and what unique services you offer that make your patients loyal to you.


What Do Custom Patient-friendly Websites Look Like?

Magnet hospitals and top healthcare organizations go beyond the basics. They put more care and effort into web design and development.

Aside from their contact information, you’d find the following elements present that make these websites stand out from all the rest:

  • Patient Portal
  • Blog, Articles, and Educational Tools for Patients
  • Description of the Different Services and Departments
  • Profiles and Credentials of Providers and Contact Information
  • Real-time Scheduling Platform
  • Career Opportunities
  • Community Involvement


To come up with a custom website that suits your needs, it is our practice at Content First Marketing to create a customized plan for you.

You see, we don’t just build websites. We make sure that the website fits your healthcare marketing plan, your company’s vision, your overall marketing budget, and the like.

On top of creating mobile-friendly healthcare web design with search engine optimization (SEO), we take pains in knowing your goal for having a custom website.


Why Your Healthcare Practice Needs a Custom Website Today

There are many reasons why medical practices want to have a website. And the majority would have the common goals of:

  • Showing up on the first page of search results
  • Seeing their business grow
  • Having an online presence

Some providers want to make their services accessible and convenient for their patients. So, they include an online appointment calendar that the patient can use when the phone is busy.

Meanwhile, others want to add value to their services. This means sending out e-newsletters and appointment reminders with links to health articles and blogs from the website.


Essential Elements of Effective Healthcare Websites

In designing websites, we ensure you’ll have the essential elements necessary for driving web traffic and ensuring business growth.

You’ll find these elements present in all our medical website designs unless our providers don’t want them:

  • About Us
  • Contact Information
  • Services
  • Online Scheduling Capability
  • Blogs
  • Testimonials


We also empower your websites with responsiveness to mobile device use. We understand that design and marketing go hand in hand. If your website only shows well as a desktop and laptop site, and fail as a mobile site, you’d lose more than 20% of consumers who don’t use broadband at home but instead use their smartphones.

In fact, according to the Pew Research Center’s survey findings in February 2019, 81% of the consumers own smartphones. Compare that to the 2011 survey result of 35%, and you’ll find that the trend won’t be going down anytime soon.

But beyond those elements, the healthcare custom website designs become different with each provider’s unique preference in showcasing their services.


Some Examples of Custom Websites for Healthcare

Let us show you how we created custom websites for different providers to match their style even when they belong to the same field and have something in common.

They are all EvexiPEL practitioners. As such, they adhere to a common approach which is described in the following steps:

  • Finding the root cause
  • Creating a customized plan of treatment based on the cause
  • Integrating the health plan into a holistic approach to patient care
  • Collaborating and engaging the patient in the plan of care


You will find that the EvexiPEL website we custom-created shows this kind of treatment approach.

Now, check out the websites of the EvexiPEL providers.

Let’s take a look at You’ll notice how they wanted us to highlight details about their staff. Getting to know the people who will care for the patients establishes trust early on, especially when the reader sees their credentials and qualifications.

Meanwhile, the decided that patients need to know upfront what it would cost to get the treatments they offer. So, they asked us to layout the pricing scheme in the open. This would take away the guesswork and facilitate decision-making for the patients., on the other hand, decided to use her blog page as an informational page for her products and services. She answers frequently asked questions conversationally. Not only do the readers learn more about products, but they also gain insight into whether the product or service is something they want or need.


An additional feature that we created for some of these websites is an interactive checklist of symptoms that potential patients can check if they have experienced these before the consultation. It adds a unique way of interacting with patients, making them feel more comfortable with sharing their symptoms, knowing that finally someone understands them.


We Can Help You with Custom Websites

A custom website not only positions you among the healthcare industry leaders but also sets you apart from the rest. It enables you to showcase your practice in unique ways that enhance the patient experience.

Designing websites may not be your expertise, but partnering with a company like Content First Marketing, whose forte is to put your ideas and creativity online, will make you a proud owner of your digital platform.

We want your brand to shine on your website and boost your healthcare marketing strategy. And we can do that starting with a business growth call. Schedule it here to get your free review, and together we’ll create a digital marketing strategy.

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