Does Your Brand Have Confidence?

Does Your Brand Have Confidence?
August 24, 2018

Think about the most confident person you know. How is it you know they have confidence?


What does it look like when they walk into a room? How does it feel?


How do they speak to others? Do they look them in the eye? Shake their hand firmly?


When you meet a confident person, you’re often inclined to trust what they say. They’re so sure of themselves, so filled with uninhibited conviction — wouldn’t it be great to translate those same feelings through your brand?


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, let’s remember the age-old saying, “people work with those they know, like and trust.”


Confidence is synonymous with trust, one of the trifectas of brand success.


How do you get your customers to trust your brand? Be confident. Show them, without a doubt, that you believe in your brand, your solution, your product, your service — and they should, too.


Brands that struggle to communicate this to their audience will have a hard time closing and making sales.



How to Show You Have Brand Confidence

Tell your customers what you stand for.

Otherwise known as your mission and/or purpose, giving your customers a clear idea of your core message should be the first order of business.


Make it specific and detailed. Your product or service may be similar to others, but your WHY is what makes your brand unique.



Stop trying to fit in.

What works for one brand, won’t necessarily work for yours — and you don’t want it to.


Since childhood, we’ve worried about fitting in and being accepted. Yet, those who starred in the school play, ran for class President, or dyed their hair pink are the ones we still remember today. They stood out because they had confidence in themselves, and as a result, their message was powerful.



Brand boldly.

Give people something to talk about!

How you decide to take risks with your branding strategy is completely up to you. Maybe your brand will be known as the funny one, the one that says what we’re all thinking but wouldn’t dare say aloud. Or maybe you’ll advocate for a worthy, yet underrepresented cause.


Remember those Old Spice commercials with the flashy (somewhat ridiculous) topless man riding a white stallion? All they were doing was selling deodorant, but their image and branding was remarkable. It stood out so much that it became a viral sensation — and they owned it!



Put your self-doubt on blast, and then conquer it.

We all have personal self-doubt, and your brand, as an extension of you, may come under the same criticism. It can be the fear of challenge, failure, judgment, or just doing something new and unknown.


Put a name on it. Describe what you’re afraid of, and the worst case scenario if your brand fails. Shedding light on these fears can be liberating and insightful.


Knowing (and admitting to yourself) exactly what you’re afraid of can also bring forth more motivation to take action against those fears.



Be decisive.

Know who your brand is, and who it isn’t. What do you offer, and what don’t you? Making this distinction is important, and allows you to align powerful verbiage around your core message.


Standing in the truth of your brand will make you feel more confident, and you’ll become a more effective marketer.



What is your favorite, most confident brand? What are they doing right?


Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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Does Your Brand Have Confidence?
What makes you think of popular brands? It is that they stand out and have confidence. Here, we give some tips on how to exude brand confidence.

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