Create a Personal Mission Statement

A personal mission statement can help you clarify your values and goals. Learning how to write one can make decision-making easier too.

Join John Arnott, business owner and digital marketing expert, to learn about how to write your own personal mission statement so you can determine what’s important to you. Learn more about John at


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When you’re trying to make decisions about the direction of your life – in business and in your personal life as well – how do you know if a choice is in alignment with your values and your dreams?

This is why you should have a personal mission statement.

A personal mission statement is a guidepost for where you want to go in life.

Creating a personal mission statement involves thinking about your skills, your personality traits, and your values and dreams – and writing all of these things down.

Then, you distill all this essential information into a short but powerful personal mission statement.

Remind yourself every day of why you want to excel and what drives you so you can reach all your accomplishments and leave a worthwhile legacy behind you.

You’ll be making the best decisions to get you closer to your dreams, because you’ll know each choice you make gets you closer to the life you want to live.

In this video, you’ll learn the best way to create a personal mission statement so you can discover and define your vision for yourself, and decide what gets you out of bed every morning.

You’ll also see plenty of personal mission statement examples to inspire you when you’re creating your own.

Do you take a different approach to writing a personal mission statement, or have a great mission statement example? Drop a note in the comments and let me know.


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