Fill Your Canteen – Stay Motivated

What activities do you do to keep your energy levels up? And how often do you do them? Do you exercise? Meditate? Or maybe you play some musical instrument?

Join John Arnott, business owner, and digital marketing expert, to hear some of his insights and strategies on how to fill your canteen and feel great, healthy, and energized.

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One of the keys to living a great life is to do things that we love with a certain frequency. More precisely: daily, weekly, quarterly, and annually.

That’s how one “fills the canteen” and keeps a great level of energy and satisfaction in life, where the canteen is a series of things that we do consistently.

In this video, John shows how to fill the canteen to charge you up or calm you down, and the importance of self-knowledge to find out what activities fill one’s specific canteen.

John suggests doing some lists of what activities you could do daily, weekly, quarterly, and annually to keep your energy up. They can be as simple as taking your kids out for a weekend once a month.

Or having a daily family dinner, or even doing a morning yoga practice, or an annual trip to a natural paradise.

Write down what pleases you and try to add them to your routine to see a great transformation in your quality of life, with overall satisfaction and productivity boost.

If you need some suggestions on rituals and routines for better productivity, you can also check the following videos from John:

How about you? Do you fill your canteen? Is there any activity you do daily, weekly, monthly, or annually that makes your life better? Do you have any other suggestions to recharge or calm down? We’d love to hear from you. Drop a note in the comments and share them with us.   


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