Wake Up – Live Intentionally

How can you train yourself to stop reacting and start living with intention? You need to learn how to wake up and be in the moment. Learn how to live with intention instead of reacting to emergencies in a hurry in this video.

Join John Arnott, business owner and digital marketing expert, to learn about how to teach yourself how to really think about everything you’re doing in the moment. Learn more about John at


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Do you find yourself getting through your days just responding constantly to tasks, emergencies or activities – moving from one thing to the next without pausing?

Then it’s time to wake up.

Say something urgent comes up you need to take care of right away.

Learn to pause instead of jumping in – and wake up.

It’s so easy in our busy modern world to jump from reaction to reaction, but that means you’re often not thinking consciously about what you’re doing.

And when you’re not thinking clearly and aware of what you’re doing, you’re not focusing your attention or acting with intention.

Learning how to respond to the small tasks or big emergencies in your day can help you live and work with more focus and intention. You’ll get more done, and get it done more thoughtfully.

Sound like something you could use? The secret to success is all in this video. Watch to learn more.

Do you use another technique to help you get centered and focused during a busy day? Drop a note in the comments and let me know.


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