Getting Things Done – How to Manage Email

In today’s business environment, we all get too many emails every day. Some are urgent and important right now – some are just an FYI or white noise.

So how can you stay productive and on top of what’s really important in your email inbox, while not becoming overwhelmed with high email volume?

It’s a matter of a few simple productivity tips.

In this video, you’ll learn how to organize your email inbox so you don’t miss important emails. This is key, because we’ve all had that sinking feeling as we see an urgent email in our inbox that never got a response.

You’ll also learn how to schedule your time checking emails – it’s not something you should be doing every five minutes if you want to stay focused and on task.

Using the excellent productivity book “Getting Things Done” as a foundation, the tips in this video will make you more efficient and less stressed out, no matter how many emails pile up in your inbox daily.