How does Asana work?

How do you organize your tasks to increase productivity and avoid a “sea of red” overdue commitments?

Join John Arnott, business owner, and digital marketing expert in this tutorial on how to best use Asana for optimizing workflow in services businesses.

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Asana is an incredibly useful tool to services businesses because it stores clients, projects, team members, and tasks in one single space, allowing associations among them according to a company’s needs.

Asana makes it easy for project managers to sort projects by due dates, so they can assign tasks and sub-tasks to team members in order of priority, dramatically increasing productivity.

In today’s video, John Arnott walks us through this great tool to optimize businesses’ workflow. Watch it until the end to learn how to:

Manage your tasks.

Use templates and tags to classify projects and progress.

Assign tasks and sub-tasks to team members.

Add collaborators into projects.

Track comments and changes in tasks.

Set up deadlines and manage due dates to avoid overdue tasks.

There are many other functionalities in Asana to help you keep up with commitments, tasks, and deadlines. This tutorial uses a real-time example from John’s own company – Content First Marketing, to show some efficient ways of managing and synchronizing projects, tasks, and teams.

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