The Perfect Autoresponder

Get the attention of your potential customers with an automated series of email messages. Learn how to create the perfect autoresponder for your marketing needs in this video.

Join John Arnott, business owner and digital marketing expert, to learn about how to craft the perfect automatic email series. Learn more about John at


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We all get a lot of emails these days – our inboxes are full or even overflowing.

We know with just a short glance at an incoming email whether we want to keep reading.

But that doesn’t mean email isn’t an important part of your digital marketing strategy. When it’s done right, it can yield great results.

Designing a thoughtful and strategic email autoresponder series is the perfect tool to accomplish three important things for your business.

It measures engagement – how interested in your company is your email audience, really?

It builds trust – as a targeted and informative email campaign, your prospects get value from your content. They feel it’s a reciprocal relationship with a trusted authority over time.

It drives brand awareness – like a billboard on a busy highway, your readers might not read every word of every email. But your steady presence in their inbox reminds them of your company.

How can you create the perfect email autoresponder series that helps you do all three of these critical things to build your brand and grow your business?

Find out in the video.

And get business growth through email marketing today.


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