Let It Be Easy

How does one create an extraordinary life?

Do you follow specific actions to simplify your life and be happier?

Join John Arnott, business owner, and digital marketing expert, on this insightful video inspired by Tolly Burkan’s book “Let It Be Easy: Simple Actions to Create an Extraordinary Life”.

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In this video, John Arnott shows that happiness may be simpler than we tend to believe. By breaking down the main ideas behind Tolly Burkan’s “Let It Be Easy”, John brings some precious suggestions on how to deal with problems and obstacles to have a meaningful life.

Originally intended to be a manifest, Burkan’s book brings simple actions to create an extraordinary life, distributed into four main areas and seven supporting areas. In this video, John guides us through each one of these eleven main principles, that are surprisingly simple to understand and theoretically easy to apply.

Speak the truth, get to know yourself well enough to identify and ask for what you want, keep your word, and take responsibility for your actions are the four main elements that should guide one’s life to make it simpler and amazing at the same time. In addition to them, seven other ingredients will add up to Burkan’s “recipe” to succeed on that.

The other principles, which are also found in studies of Mindfulness and Buddhism, are covered in the video as well, such as compassion, abundance, impermanence, detachment, selfless motivation, positive mindset, creative expression, and faith.

If you want to know more about Burkan’s steps on how to simplify and create an outstanding life, this video is just what you need. And if you disagree with any of the topics brought up by John or would like to add an extra insight on this, please share your thoughts with us in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.


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