Microsoft Teams for Services Businesses

What’s your most effective way of communicating with your teams, so your clients’ demands are met? If you’re a services company with remote workers, there’s no better tool for that than Microsoft Teams.

Join John Arnott, business owner, and digital marketing expert, in this tutorial on the best way to use Teams to improve your business internal communication.

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Microsoft Teams is a great collaboration platform to keep virtual teams informed and up to date on everything that goes on in the company. With only one tool, your staff can ask questions, get training and tasks, find files, and interact with team members, whether they’re located on the other side of the office, or the world.

In this video, John walks us through the main uses of Teams to organize the workflow and best collaborate with your staff, using the practical example of his own company – Content First Marketing.

In Microsoft Teams, each Team is an organizational unit set up according to your business’ services. In Content First, each Team is designated to a different client. And each client has its own channels classified by services that can be as diverse as accounting, training, file collaboration, or meetings, to name a few.

The key for successful collaboration in Microsoft Teams is to customize your Teams and channels according to your company’s needs. And if you need help with that, this tutorial is all you need to watch.

Using images and examples, John shows a step-by-step guide to every feature available for best communication and collaboration in Teams. From setting up meetings to checking notifications, and calling out other team members, everything you need to know to best use Teams for your business is here.

And if you want to learn how to collaborate on files in Teams, make sure you also watch this video:

And if something didn’t seem very clear to you, or if you still have doubts on how to communicate with your staff in Teams, please drop us a word and we’ll be happy to reply to your comments and questions.


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