The Lunch and Learn is Back! Here’s How.

How can you adapt to keep the Lunch and Learn alive when it’s hard to gather in person? Keeping the momentum going for your sales organization is a challenge during Covid. Learn how to deliver a great sales meeting as a Lunch and Learn in this video.

Join John Arnott, business owner and digital marketing expert, to learn about how to run a successful Lunch and Learn in today’s environment. Learn more about John at


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So much of a successful sales strategy rests on having the right in-person interactions.

Zoom meetings can be effective, but the magic of the Lunch and Learn has really taken a hit over the last year.

It’s still all about creating bonds and building relationships, even if you have to think about them a little differently.

It’s not just about the pandemic preventing many of us from meeting in-person on a regular basis. Buyer behavior is different right now too, and some of those changes will stick around for years to come.

That means the way we sell has changed permanently for many companies, even though the pandemic will end.

And that means the way we give sales presentations has to change as well. It’s about looking for opportunities to create those meaningful relationships in a new way.

Who do you invite? How can you host it seamlessly? And how can you create that rapport that’s vital in any kind of sales meeting?

You’ll learn about all of that and more sales techniques in this video. The Lunch and Learn is definitely back for forward-thinking sales organizations! Watch to learn more.

Do you have a different approach to bringing prospects and your sales team together in today’s world? Drop a note in the comments and let me know.


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