Your Digital Presence – What you need to know

The digital presence of your company is how you present your brand and products to your potential customers.

It consists of three parts: your website, your online reviews, and your social media.

Your website’s purpose is to answer the questions customers might have, and engage so they will raise their hand and say I want to know more.

The structure of your website needs to have five key things:

Hero Image
3-Step Plan
Current Content
Marketing Automation

Review sites are the next step and they vary by business: it could be Google My Business, Yelp, or another site that works for your industry.

And finally, your social media presence is the third area. You’re showing customers you’re an effective and visible brand. It might be a major driver of business, or just a checkbox – it depends on your business.

Creating a compelling digital presence ensures your business has its best for forward – to impress and engage your potential customers until they make a purchase.